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Chiang Mai, Thailand pictures. Chiang Mai is a Northern city of Thailand located near the "Golden Triangle" and the country of Burma. Teak wood dominates the temple architecure here. Hill tribes with their traditional farming and crafts are the destination for many treks in this mountainous area. The city is surrounded by a moat and ruins of a wall. Wat Doi Suthep is a large and ornate Buddhist temple situated on mountain overlooking the city. Many other fine Buddhist temples are also located in Chiang Mai.

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PB140070-wat-bupparam-naga.jpg bPB140072-wat-bupparam.jpg PB140073-wat-bupparam.jpg bPB140071-wat-bupparam.jpg
Wat Bupparam detail Wat Bupparam Buddhas Wat Bupparam wooden carved shutters Wat Bupparam ceiling
PB140069-wat-bupparam-naga.jpg PB140067-wat-bupparam.jpg PB120028-dance.jpg PB120034-dance.jpg
Wat Bupparam nagas (serpents) Wat Bupparam wooden carved shutters with gold Traditional Thai dancing Traditional Thai dancing
PB120035-dance.jpg PB130041-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130037-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130038-wat-doi-suthep.jpg
Traditional Thai dancing Wat Doi Suthep golden umbrella and temple Wat Doi Suthep Singha Wat Doi Suthep emerald Buddha
PB130046-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130039-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130045-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130040-wat-doi-suthep.jpg
Wat Doi Suthep roof detail Wat Doi Suthep detailed wooden bench Wat Doi Suthep golden umbrella and chedi Wat Doi Suthep Buddha
PB130042-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130048-wat-doi-suthep.jpg PB130049-phuping-palace.jpg PB150011-trek-falls.jpg
Wat Doi Suthep artistic touches Wat Doi Suthep Buddha and murals Phuping Palace, the King's vacation home Waterfall
bPB150014-waterfall.jpg PB150012-behind-waterfall.jpg PB150001-trek.jpg PB150002-trek-elephants.jpg
Waterfall View from behind waterfall Elephants crosssing river Elephants on trek
PB150005-trek-baby-elephant.jpg PB150006-trek-elephant.jpg PB150015-trek-rice-fields.jpg PB150007-trek-hmong.jpg
Baby elephant Elephant keeper relaxing Rice fields and water buffalo Hmong woman sewing
PB150016-trek-white-karen.jpg PB260095-akha.jpg PB130055-wat-phra-singh.jpg PB130054-wat-phra-singh.jpg
Karen woman with knitted creations Akha women with silver and embroidery Wat Phra Singh Teak columns of Wat Phra Singh
PB130052-wat-phra-singh.jpg PB130053-wat-phra-singh.jpg PB120023-market-bugs-CM.jpg PB130057-wat-chiang-man.jpg
Wat Phra Singh Buddha Wat Phra Singh naga (serpent) Street vendor selling fried scorpions and other bugs Wat Chiang Man chedi surrounded by elephants
PB130056-wat-chiang-man.jpg PB130058-wat-chiang-man.jpg PB140064-wat-pa-pao.jpg PB140065-chiang-mai-wall.jpg
Wat Chiang Man mural Wat Chiang Man doorway Wat Pa Pao Corner of Chiang Mai wall and moat
Famous Tha Phae gate in Chiang Mai