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The cabanas are spread over about 3 acres, with about 100 meters of oceanfront beach. There were hammocks hanging, and a small river to canoe on. The ocean is wonderfully warm and blue and without waves. The shallow water is only waist deep when 50 meters from shore.

Dantillo Cabana

Dantillo Cabana

One building houses a kitchen and dining room for eating and relaxing. Fried chicken, fish, rice, fruits, and bread are staples of the all-you-can-eat meals. Dinners cost L. 50 ($3.60 USD). The dining room also has a 50" big screen TV and stacks of videos to watch.

Then there are three bungalows along the beach. They are a traditional white stucco, with red tile roofs and floors. This makes them a little cooler, along with the large windows that can be opened on all sides to create a wonderful breeze. Each bungalow is airy, with just a simple bed or two, a small refrigerator, and a private bath. The water and electricity are only on during the day, so no showering or flushing at night.

Dantillo beach

Dantillo beach

You can hear the sounds of the waves crashing as you sleep. You can lie in a hammock overlooking the water drinking cold beer. You can eat great food, and get taken wherever you want. It’s a magnificent place. There's also a small collection of animals.


A friendly pizote, a mix of raccoon and anteater

Communications in Honduras are unreliable at best. Upon returning, I was unable to contact this hotel from the States. If you feel adventurous, here are the driving directions to this piece of affordable paradise in Dantillo: Drive outside of La Ceiba towards San Pedro Sula, turn right at the "Embatlan Pepsi" (Pepsi bottling plant), take your first right, the road comes to a "T" – go left and follow the road until you reach the tiny pulperia on the left, across from the pulperia (on the right) is a field, with a short dirt road, follow this road, walk across the plank footbridge and past the first 2 buildings and you are there.

Our chauffeurs were great guys, if a little shady, and were well connected with everyone. We spent much of our time driving through the barrios of La Ceiba, stopping and waiting in the car while they "picked up" this or that here and there.

The average citizens of La Ceiba are generally very poor, and many live constantly with drugs, disease and hunger. No matter how many third world countries I see, I’m always shocked by the conditions in which some people must exist.

There are definitely things to do in La Ceiba though. The nightlife is pretty wild and involves drinking large quantities of alcohol, and dancing at many different discos till the wee hours. One of the more popular discos was Cherry’s, and I’ll leave the rest to the imagination.

There is also great food. Traditional fried chicken or fish with french fries abound. There is also a great delicacy called Caldo de Conch (Conche Soup). It is a delicacy because it is the tender, succulent meat of the Conche, in a broth made with coconut milk and cream. It is out of this world. It is also very bad for the Conche, as their populations are continually threatened by overfishing.

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Tela & La Ceiba Page 4 of 4