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Antigua pictures, Guatemala pictures, Antigua photos, Guatemala photos

Antigua, Guatemala pictures. Antigua is a colonial town near the capital of Guatemala City. Most people quickly depart from the airport in the capital and head for Antigua. Maya vendors with colorful textiles and cobblestone streets greet tourists. There are many Catholic churches here. Several volcanoes surround the town and are the hiking destination of many visitors.

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PA260024 Antigua arch.JPG PA250013 Maya vendors.JPG PA250019 San Francisco.JPG PA250020 San Francisco.JPG
Antigua, Guatemala yellow arch Maya vendors in Antigua, Guatemala San Francisco church Church ruins, Antigua, Guatemala
PA250018 La Merced.JPG PA250017 La Merced.JPG PA250021 Santa Clara.JPG PA260023 Antigua volcano.JPG
La Merced, Antigua, Guatemala Girl walks on empty fountain inside La Merced courtyard Santa Clara Ruins, Antigua, Guatemala Antigua, Guatemala Vocano
PA260026 Antigua fountain.JPG PA310021 Antigua courtyard.JPG
Antigua, Guatemala water fountain Typical Antigua, Guatemala Courtyard