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Egyptian Pyramid Pictures, Picture of Pyramid, Great Pyramid Pictures, Giza Pyramid

Egyptian Pyramid pictures. Ride a subway 20 minutes to the suburbs of Cairo, then take a cab five minutes to reach the pyramids. Constructed about 2,500 BCE, the pyramids are the oldest and the only one of the "7 Wonders of the Ancient World" surviving today. They were built by a grandfather, father, and son. Each generation built their pyramid smaller than their predecessor's; pyramid 1 is the oldest and largest. Visitors can enter each of the pyramids via small tunnels that require hunching over to navigate. The Sphinx is disappointing - small, deteriorating, and made of many types of stone and rock.

Click pictures for a larger version, then pictures will automatically advance every 15 seconds.

pyramids-sunset-01.jpg pyramid-1-03.jpg pyramids-camels-04.jpg pyramids-city-03.jpg
Pyramid at sunset Pyramid 1 in late afternoon with bus in front and city in back Pyramids and camels Giza, suburb of Cairo, looms close to Pyramid 1
pyramids-1-2-02.jpg pyramids-2-3-01.jpg pyramid-1-02.jpg pyramid-1-01.jpg
Pyramids 1 and 2 Pyramids 2 and 3 Pyramid 1 and moon Pyramid 1 in the morning clouds
pyramid-2-01.jpg pyramid-2-02.jpg pyramid-2-03.jpg pyramid-2-04.jpg
Pyramid 2 at dawn Pyramid 2 blocks Climbing isn't allowed on the Pyramids anymore People at base of Pyramid 2 for scale
pyramid-2-05.jpg pyramid-2-06.jpg pyramid-2-entry-01.jpg pyramid-2-top-04.jpg
Pyramid 2 Pyramid 2 in late afternoon sun Tourist exits the tunnel of Pyramid 2 Smooth top of Pyramid 2 shows what all the Pyramids looked like
pyramid-3-02.jpg pyramid-3-03.jpg sphinx-01.jpg sphinx-02.jpg
Pyramid 3 in late afternoon sun Pyramid 3 (the smallest) with bus in front for scale Head of Sphinx Crumbling Sphinx in the morning
sphinx-03.jpg sphinx-pyramid-2.jpg pyramids-sunset-03.jpg pyramids-sunset-04.jpg
Profile of Sphinx head Sphinx in front of Pyramid 2 Pyramids 3 and 2 at sunset Pyramid at sunset
pyramids-camels-01.jpg pyramids-camels-02.jpg pyramids-camels-03.jpg pyramids-camels-07.jpg
Camel on the Giza plateau Pyramids and camels Pyramids and camels Camel poses in front of Pyramid 3
pyramids-camels-08.jpg pyramids-city-02.jpg pyramids-city-04.jpg pyramids-horse-cart-02.jpg
Camel and handler with Pyramid Roads are close to the Pyramids on 2 sides High rise towers of downtown with Pyramids Horse cart and Pyramid
pyramids-horse-cart-04.jpg pyramids-junk-01.jpg pyramids-police-03.jpg pyramids-police-05.jpg
Horse cart and Pyramid Alternate view of Pyramid 2 Proud Egyptian policeman Camel mounted policeman on cliff between Pyramid 1 and 2